Monday, April 30, 2012

Frame a Day '12: Week 17-4/22-4/28

April 22--Gather Ye Round--The kids had fun playing with a Crayola art program on this rainy Sunday. 

 April 23--A Puddle Jumper--Imp made this rainy day just a little brighter with his zest for jumping in every puddle he could find this morning. 

April 24--The "Grabber"--The boys received these "grabbers" for Christmas, because Chretien has an actual tool that he uses just like this and the boys are fascinated with it.  Tonight Imp was determined to "grab" me.   I didn't intend to practice split lighting, but that is what I wound up with.  I may play with this photo a bit more and see what I come up with.

April 25--Climbing the Walls--...or the side of the house?  The older kids were playing outside when Imp and I arrived home today.  I'm not sure what made them both attempt this, but it's probably another competition between them...who can stay upside down longer?  Who is straighter?  Who is higher?  I thought it was entertaining, no matter what the motivation.

April 26--The Standoff--Spring soccer started up again tonight.  As in the fall, Trust is doing the Y's Kwik Kicks soccer clinic.  Despite the rainy, cold weather, she went out and practiced for the hour.  It should be an interesting session, as there are only five registered kids and our Trust is the lone girl.  Should be interesting.

 April 27--Mesmerized--Fridays are often family movie night, where we eat dinner and watch a movie.  Tonight's showing was "Puss in Boots", which Chretien and the older kids have seen, but it was new for Imp and me.  Not a lot of dinner was consumed, but he did love the movie.

 April 28--Oh Baby, Shower--I went to a friend's baby shower today.  We attended her wedding last August in New York state.  I have known her for over 15 years, since my SAT tutoring days.  She and her younger brother were students of mine way back then.


  1. These are great. I love the first two. I have been on the search for frog boots for Dustyn.

  2. Cute picture of all three on the computer together. Fun for them climbing the walls outside too. That's darling.

  3. I love them climbing the wall. Too funny!