Sunday, April 15, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 15: 4/8-4/14

April 8--Easter with Cousins--Per tradition, we spent Easter at my sister's house with my parents.  Here are the kids after the Easter egg hunt.  For the first time, we left a few eggs unfound.  Chretien did a great job at hiding the eggs!

 April 9--Extra!  Extra!--As my school's biotechnology program coordinator, I was interviewed and photographed two weeks ago for an article about our program which then appeared in a local paper recently.  Today the author brought me a hard copy of the paper and here I am, showing my glee over appearing in the paper.  On a serious note, it was a great article and hopefully will help with recruitment of more students to the program.

April 10--Tonight was the culmination of Trust's three month long authors' project. She and the other kids got to exhibit their posters and any ancillary material for their families, friends and teachers. It is such a great celebratory night for everyone.

April 11--A Good Listener--For the past week or so, Trust has been going great guns on writing a chapter book; this one is about a girl named Rachel. This seems to be the longest one she has ever written. Today I caught her and Earnest up on his bed. She was reading chapter five, the latest chapter, to him. I think it's great that he is such a good listener.

April 12--Life's a Happy Song--Trust is in her school's variety show tomorrow night.  Since she started at the school, she has wanted to be in the show, but since she doesn't really have a talent that fits on a stage, it hasn't worked out for her...until now!  This year, the PTO decided to have an act where anyone who wanted to be in the show could do so.  Music to my kid's ears...sign her up!  Today was the dress rehearsal (although I don't think all the kids are dressed) and I managed to get photos that are likely to be better than what I will get tomorrow night.  Her number is the finale, and it's to "Life's a Happy Song" from the recent Muppet Movie.  They will sing it to the fifth graders sitting on risers near the front of the stage.

April 13--A Million Reasons to Love the Kids' School--The variety show was tonight.  Every year the teachers open the show with a "surprise" act.  The act usually goes along with the theme.  This year's theme focused around the fact that the kids collectively have independently read over one million minutes since February 2011 and there were lots of allusions to a million of this or that with the introduction of each group.  What I love about this photo is it captures the collegiality, friendship and fun that the teachers share among one another and with the kids.  This school is awesome.

 April 14--Down the Slide--Earnest de- and then reconstructed the water table to create a fun slide for this ball.  Note that the ball actually looks like it's flying off the slide.


  1. Great shots. I love that last one. So sweet.

  2. Love the picture of the two reading in the bunk and the last shot. The look on his face is priceless.

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