Sunday, April 8, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 14: 4/1-4/7

April 1--Easter Bunny 2012--Of course, Easter Bunny 2012 is the same EB that we've had since 2005. It's my family that has changed...quite a bit!

April 2--Collecting His Thoughts (and Marbles)--Imp received this marble drop for Christmas from Gran and Gramps, and tonight he had fun playing with it...and later destroying it.

April 3-At Last!--We received Trust's authors' book for her authors' project yesterday morning after I ordered it at 6:15 AM through Walgreen's website.  However, when we picked it up on the way to school, we were told to wait an entire day before looking at it to allow the glue to set!  This was difficult to do, so of course, this morning we needed to examine it first thing.

April 4--Busy Bee--Following in his sister's footsteps. I had to admire those bees quite a bit.

April 5--Imp Boy--Watching a Netflix show this morning before the older two went to school.  Because their school starts so late (9:10), and the kids get up so early, there is always time to watch TV, or read a book, or play a game, or do a puzzle, before school.

April 6--Leapfrogging with Dinosaur--Another Friday night at our local children's museum saw Earnest leaping tall dinosaurs on a single bound...or something like that.

April 7--Dipping Eggs--Imp and the other kids couldn't wait to "dip" eggs today.  The funny thing is I did not pose this photo.  Why watching the eggs in the dye is so interesting, I don't know.


  1. The last shot is sooo cute. They just can't wait.

  2. These are sooo great. I love the last three!!!