Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 16: 4/15-4/21

Where is 2012 going?  We're already done with week 16?

April 15--Rolling, Rolling, Rolling--Trust darted off ahead of Imp on a bike ride this morning.  We were surprised when she came over the hill on her roller blades.  This reminded me of something out of "Three's Company", with the shorts and the roller skates and of course, the sunny day.

 April 16--Let's Go Balling--We all went bowling today (or "balling", per Imp), and then for lunch.  Chretien beat all of us soundly, but everyone else was pretty closely clumped together (within about 30 points).

April 17--Flipping (Over and ) Out--Earnest learned how to hang and flip last year, but today was the first day he pulled himself up to do it and didn't seat himself on the trapeze to get going...not to be outdone, Trust managed to teach herself how to flip today as well.  Nothing like a healthy dose of competition to get things going in our house.

 April 18--Disheveled and Dirty...but Delightful Just the Same--Chretien fashioned a new swing to swap out with the tire swing.  What I love about this photo is it pretty much sums up Imp at this age...always looking to have fun, and as a result, always a bit disheveled (note his fly) and dirty.

 April 19--Ready for Liftoff--Yesterday we saw Imp just hanging out on this swing.  Today, we see him ready to launch.

 April 20--Boy Makes Blanket--Trust saw the idea to make her own fleece blanket by using two pieces of fleece, cutting fringe, and tying knots to hold the two pieces together.  Chretien took she and Earnest to Joann's today and bought pieces of fleece for Trust and a kit for Earnest, which accomplished the same thing but with the fringe cuts already marked.  This project kept them quite busy for the afternoon, but both were happy with their result.

April 21--Gamma Girl--This has been a very long time in coming...a year to be exact!  Trust passed her Gamma class at skating today.  I think this is the epitome of slow and steady.


  1. What an action packed week! Conrats on the Gamme level! I remember that test from years and years ago!

  2. Love these! Looks like you had another busy and fun week!