Sunday, April 1, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 13: 3/25-3/31

We're 25% done!

March 25--Trust and some of her Brownie troop went to a local nature center to learn about salamanders. They saw a puppet show (complete with the owl which is making an appearance in the photo) as well as a slide show, took a walk to check out vernal pools, and made these colorful salamanders...I cannot take photos with my cell phone to save my life. This photo will have to do for today, though.

March 26--Homework Help--Earnest got a little help from his sister in working on some homework this morning. She sat with him and had him do some of the activities on the "March" monthly calendar, as well as pitching in and coloring his weekly page with books he has read. I think they both enjoyed it.

March 27--Row, Row, Row Your Boat--The kids took the game pieces to the Ringo Flamingo game and created their own game, called, not surprisingly, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." The game itself consisted of pushing the boats in a circle and trying to avoid one another.

March 28--It's Never Too least, as far as I'm concerned, in exposing kids to science. Earnest's class is studying "community helpers". The kids were supposed to bring in tools from a parent's job. I sent Earnest off with safety goggles, gloves, an empty Petri dish and this pipette with some water and food coloring. I love the concentration.

March 29--Happy Birthday, Daddy--Today was Chretien's birthday, and we went to an indoor water park to celebrate.  This was the first time we had gone, and it was a fun way to spend an overcast afternoon and evening in March when the outside temperature was roughly half of what it was inside at the pool.

 March 30--Day 83's photo was of a very sad Trust.  We thought that we were not going to be able to attend the author lecture at my nephew's school due to the timing.  However, on Monday we learned that it was going to work out after all, so today we saw the fourth and final author in Trust's authors project.  Trust was counting down the days to today, much like she does for Christmas and her birthday.  We got there early and chatted with the author for a bit, and then we stayed for a good chunk of the presentation.  She is quite an expressive, interesting storyteller, and her 27 years of teaching second and third grade have served her well in her children's books.

March 31--A Farm Birthday Party??--Trust attended a birthday party at a farm today.  This is a farm where they visited animals and trotted on a horse, which was the highlight.  You'd never know this was the theme, based on her failed attempt at "farm clothes" (plaid shirt?) and the unicorn, which she insisted is a horse, facepainted on her cheek.


  1. great week, love her unicorn!

  2. Great pictures! What a fun birthday for Dad and the whole family!

  3. What a great week- Happy Birthday to dad!!!

  4. Such great shots. I love that last one. So sweet.