Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frame A Day: Week 40--9/30-10/6

September 30--Teddy Roosevelt in the Library!--Look at who showed up at the library today; never mind that he's been dead for 93 years. Trust and I and about one hundred others listened to the former president share stories with us today. It wouldn't surprise me if Trust knew a bit more about President Roosevelt than I did prior to today.

 October 1--He's Prepared--After shopping around for a boy scout pack to join, Earnest finally joined one tonight.  He was very excited to wear part of the uniform which he received at the meeting.

 October 2--Special Bedtime Stories--We brought my parents special peanut butter brownies to celebrate their 46th anniversary tonight.  While we were there, Imp was treated to a few bedtime stories read by Nana.

For October 3 and 4, I have photos, but I'm not going to post them now, because it's a tradition not to share photos of kids in their costumes until Halloween.  On October 3, Earnest received his costume in the mail from the Ebay seller and tried it on.  On October 4, Trust wore part of hers for a photo.  After Halloween, I'll put them here for continuity's sake.

 October 5--Weeping Willows--I pass this park every day on my way to work, but I had never actually visited it until today.  I wanted to get photos of specific trees whose leaves seem to turn sequentially, but this year, they really aren't cooperating (one is fully turned and the other two are at the same stage).  I did, however get this shot, which I just love.

 October 6--Fall Festival--Today the kids and I attended a fall festival at a local park.  There was a hayride, colorful displays of autumn's bounty, tons of crafts and face painting.  While Earnest stuck with the conventional batman, Trust had a split angelic/devilish personality, and Imp decided to be a crocodile.

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  1. Love those weeping willows. Cute fall festival picture with their pumpkins and faces painted. That's a good idea not to post the pictures with their costumes yet. I posted one with my youngest and his but he's not in full costume--just has the head and arm pieces on so the full on costume picture for Halloween will look very different. That reminds me that I need to pull the rest of the pieces together!