Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 39: Frame-A-Day '12: 9/23-9/29

September 23--A Stitch in Time--Time to make some puppets in the morning sun, with Trust attempting to thread a needle.

 September 24--The Wall of Fright--Imp has suddenly developed an interest in coloring.  He and Trust started preparations for Halloween tonight by creating pumpkins for our very own "Wall of Fright" on our sliding glass door.  They plan to add to it as we approach Halloween.

September 25--Oriental Traders--The new Oriental Trading Company catalog came today.  As usual, the kids pored over it.  Maybe someday we'll actually buy something from them again!

September 26--My Little Runaway--Every day when I pick Imp up from school, he makes a break for it and runs straight for the car.  Fortunately, he does stop at the end of the sidewalk.

September 27--I'm Gonna Get You--The kids had a rousing game of "What Time is it, Mr. Fox" with their neighbor friend.

September 28--Movie Night!--Our occasional movie viewing on Friday nights has become an expected event in our house.  Tonight we watched "A Dolphin Tale", which was requested by Trust.  The kids really enjoyed the story of Winter and her rehabilitation.
 September 29--Trust's Brownie Troop flew up to Juniors today.  Usually, this happens in the spring, but not for this troop.  It was a nice afternoon, as all families attended and the kids got to play while we had a planning meeting for the year. We all had pizza, salads, and later on, s'mores by the fire pit.

Interesting how I just posted last week how Trust was so far ahead of her brothers and how I was working to put them in more photos, and Trust wound up in all but one of the photos this week.  


  1. Love these! So much fun in these photos!

  2. So much fun--for happy children!

  3. Love the wall of fright--how fun! That movie night shot is perfect. Looks like a good week.

  4. I love the second one & the one of the brownies brings back so many memories.