Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 38--9/16-9/22

September16--Men at Work--We went to our state fair today, because I asked to do it for my birthday.  We bumped into this guy in one of the pavilions.

September 17--Pretty Flowers--We often have flowers in the house, but it's never better when they're for your birthday from your husband.

 September 18--Piecing it Together--My mom got Imp a new puzzle today at the dollar store and Trust helped him put it together.

 September 19--Imp Boy--When we get home from school, Imp needs to burn off some energy.  He spent a few minutes running around.  I managed to get him to pause long enough to capture this image.

September 20--Gimme a B!--What to give the kids for dinner when you have leftovers that only the adults really like?  The kids were so excited with alphabet soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Imp in particular has been working on writing his letters and numbers, so he got a real kick out of identifying those floating in his soup.

 September 21--Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick--Last week we started using a new shortcut to walk home from school on Fridays.  It provides all kinds of opportunities to commune with nature, including the discovery of walking sticks...or just any old type of stick.

September 23--Bread Bowl Yumminess--For a long time, I have wanted to try to make bread bowls to hold soup.  Today, I finally was successful in finding a recipe which fit the bill.  The bowl contains a baked potato soup that was enjoyed by almost everyone.

Some thoughts as we enter the last quarter of this project:

--It may seem like I am ignoring Trust lately.  I keep track of the photos on Excel spreadsheets, including who is in each photo, and she is actually still way ahead of her brothers for photos of her this year.  Somehow, in the spring, with all the authors project photos and with all the activities she does, she is ahead of both the boys by about 10-15 photos total.  I am making an effort to ensure that they are more or less equal.  I didn't have the huge discrepancy last year and I don't want that to be the case when I make the book for this year.

--I'm getting burned out.  I think some of it is the fact that I'm back at work, and it's always an adjustment to our schedule when I go back to work after a semester or summer break.  I just feel like I am having to cram finding a shot into an already busy time of day, and I feel really uninspired.  I also think some of this is the fact that I am really well into the 600s as far as consecutive days of taking photos, since I did this project last year as well.  


  1. I hear you on the burn out! 4th week of teaching and I am already overwhelmed! Love the pics though, that safety cone man is awesome!

  2. Loving the cone man, I had to giggle!

  3. I can so related to working and being burned out especially with the kids back in school. Glad you had a nice birthday. I like the puzzle shot--it's great to see siblings working together. Your new route walking home sounds perfect and full of opportunities to enjoy nature. My kids would love that. I also try to keep it even with the kids and the number of pictures taken or posted but it can be hard. My oldest isn't around as much and my youngest is always under foot. I just do the best I can!