Saturday, September 15, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 37--9/9-15

September 9--Watercolor Wonders--Trust, Earnest and I went to a family day at a local museum.  In addition to looking at the exhibits, the kids could partake in watercolor painting and making collages out of paper, cloth, ribbon, feathers, etc.  Earnest is really concentrating on his rendition of the "very hungry caterpillar".

 September 10--Best Friends--Trust and Imp will often say that the other is his or her 'best friend'.  This picture sort of captures that sentiment.

September 11--Swing High, Swing Low, Swing No?--My older two kids love to swing...the higher the better.  Imp sometimes prefers to be grounded, even while he is playing with a toy airplane.

September 12--Just Like Handy Manny--Imp cracks us up with the way he expresses himself.  Today he walked up to me with the pencil tucked behind his ear and commented, apropos of nothing, that he was "just like Handy Manny".

September 13--Stunt Biker--Earnest was showing me how he can do tricks on his bicycle.

September 14--Rock Steady--Imp's gross motor and speech therapy moved to a new building, which includes a wonderful bright playground.  While Imp was working with his therapist, Trust and Earnest enjoyed a few minutes trying out the equipment.

September 15--Birthday Cake...and Cheese--We celebrated my birthday tonight with cake since we have plans tomorrow.  My parents came over and the boys made us all laugh with the silly faces.  I think they are incapable of just smiling for the camera these days.


  1. Such cute kiddos you have! And happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that your son sticks his tongue out when he works. Too cute. Great pictures this week.