Saturday, October 13, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 41--10/7-10/13

October 7--Puppets--We appreciate Trust's help with occasionally reading stories to the boys.  In place of a story, they sometimes get something else, like today's puppet show with Halloween candy characters.

 October 8--See Ya Later, Alligator--Went to our local amusement park today, and one of the special shows for Halloween was a Creature Feature, which featured a 12 foot long boa constrictor, an alligator snapping turtle, and an actual alligator.  The kids enjoyed reaching out and touching Fred at the end of the show.

October 9--Just Keep Swimming--Earnest had a swim evaluation tonight since he turned six and is no longer in the lesson sequence for 3-5 year olds.  He is in the level where I figured he'd land.

 October 10--One Giant Step for Imp--Imp is just starting to be interested in coloring and drawing.  What a great surprise we had when he came downstairs with this drawing of an astronaut which he created by following the steps in a book which makes drawing people easy.  This is the first time he's drawn something fairly detailed and (sort of) recognizable, once you are given a hint about its identity.

 October 11--Too Big--The kids were all playing in the boys' room with a set of Legos tonight.  Imp, of course, injected his normal levity by seeing how well he fit in the storage box.

October 12--The Love of My Life--Tomorrow is our tenth anniversary and Chretien and I had lunch at our reception site today.  In an ironic twist, we both ordered the same lunch without consulting one another...guess you really do start to think alike after so many years together.  After we ate, we checked out the grounds and took a spin on the dance floor in the tent where our wedding was held.  Hard to believe it's been an entire decade.

October 13--Our History--I saw this idea months ago on (Click here: Pinterest) and figured this would be a good gift for Chretien at some point.  I selected burgundy to match one of the main colors at our wedding, and the quote is our wedding song.  We plan to hang this in our office, which has white woodwork.  The poster is 11" x14" and the overall frame is 16" x 20".


  1. Happy anniversary - what a wonderful milestone!

  2. Great week! Happy anniversary. Looks like you found the perfect way to celebrate.