Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 42: 10/14-10/20

Wow!  Only 10 more weeks to go.  Wild!

October 14--Junior Girl--Trust had a self-defense Girl Scout activity today, her first as a Junior.

October 15--Earnest and his fellow Cub Scouts were given tips on how to be more observant. They put their skills to the test in the examination of various toasters through the ages, followed by a scavenger hunt.

 October 16--Imp saw a picture he really liked at gross motor therapy today.  He asked the therapist if he could have it and the therapist told him he could if I said yes.  How could I turn him down?  Based on its condition, I don't think the therapist was sad to see it go, but it did make my boy very happy.

 October 17--The kids finished off the evening with Blue Bunny ice cream and taking a look at one of the drawing books we have.

 October 18--Happier Boy--We all went to get flu shots tonight.  Earnest was pretty tired and cranky while we were at the clinic, but on the way home, he cheered up considerably.

 October 19--A Walk Through the Woods--I was determined to get some autumn colors today, so I took a quick drive to some nearby woods and was rewarded with some golden shades of autumn.

 October 20--Lunch on the Go--Our Saturdays are pretty busy, now with Chretien working weekends at Lowe's.  On our way to pick up Trust from Nutcracker rehearsal, Imp decided to finish the lunch that he did not eat a few hours earlier.

I don't know if I've ever relied on cell phone pictures for three days in one week, but life is very insane right now.  I'm in such a rut with photos, so I'm happy to just have them.


  1. Gotta love food on the run--been there, done that! Great walk in the woods. You got some wonderful fall color there. Love the shot of the 3 kids eating ice-cream and looking at a book. Looks so homey.

  2. I know!! So crazy! Great shots this week. Love the next to last one.