Saturday, June 16, 2012

Frame a Day '12: Week 24: 6/10-16

June 10--Happy Birthday Party, Earnest--We celebrated Earnest's birthday with a party at Build-a-Bear and then cake in the food court. He asked for a cake with 'dancing bears' which is similar to what was on the invitation. Despite the small disaster on the right of the cake, he was pleased with my creation of chocolate cake with a rainbow of gummy bears on both the top and the inside.

 June 11--Flying with the Greatest of Ease--We've switched out the tire for a more traditional swing, and Earnest has taken to riding it more like a trapeze.

 June 12--Where's Waldo?...or Trust?  At least 100 of our town's Girl Scouts posed for this shot on the field, to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting.

June 13--Crazy Hair?  Crazy Kids!...As the school year draws to a close, the school has been having fun with Spirit Week.  At you can probably tell, today was crazy hair day.  I think the hairdos brought out the craziness in the kids as well.

 June 14--The Miracle Worker--Unbelievably, today was the last day of kindergarten.  There was an ice cream party during the last hour, and I got this shot of Earnest with his teacher.  It seems so inconceivable to me that Earnest went from just writing his ABCs in September to writing multiple sentenced stories, from not reading at all to reading books.  I truly think that teachers who manage to accomplish so much with five year olds in such a short time are some sort of miracle worker, and at the very least, will have a special place in heaven.

June 15--And Now We are Six--Earnest is six!  One day after completing kindergarten, he reached this milestone.  He had a fun birthday--went to Toys R Us to return one gift and select a replacement (a Hot Wheels Dinosaur set), opened gifts from us, which included a new bicycle, visited to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and fun, and then to Dairy Queen for a birthday ice cream.

June 16--Brothers with Bunnies-- The library had the kickoff to the summer reading program this morning. Although baby animals don't figure much into the theme of "Dream Big--Read!", baby animals were present for the kids to love. Earnest was especially enchanted with the bunnies and wanted to take one home.


  1. Beautiful photos. The bunny is too cute!

  2. What a great week! Love your photos!

  3. Love your photos this week. Looks like a busy and fun week.

  4. those bunnies are too cute! Looks like a great week.