Saturday, June 9, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 23: 6/3-6/9

June 3--Quack, Quack--We went to a local pond for a Family Fishing Festival and wound up spending time with this wildlife, too.

June 4--June Babies--My parents will be leaving for Florida soon, so we took advantage of Earnest's  day off today for the Fall 2012 kindergarteners to check out their new classrooms to have lunch with my parents and sister.  My sister and Earnest both have birthdays that my parents will likely miss, so we celebrated today a little bit early.  The six candles represent 1 year each for Noah and 7 years each for my sister.

June 5--Tonight was the last Brownie meeting of the year, and the girls went to a nursing home to give a concert.  Accompanied by a guitar, they sang a few songs ("Let Me Call You Sweetheart", "This Land is Your Land", "God Bless America", "You are my Sunshine", "Make a Rainbow" and "The Yogi Bear Song"), and each girl played a solo on her recorder.  Trust played "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

 June 6--Two Thumbs Up for a Great Year--Today was the long awaited Kindergarten Alphabet Breakfast.  Although our Eggo waffles for the letter E weren't such a big hit, the entertainment was terrific.  The kids sang "What a Wonderful World," "Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow", and the new classic "A Tooty Ta".  I had only first heard of this song about six months ago, and I thought it was something that Trust and Earnest had made up...evidently not!  Led by the teacher, everyone busted a move--Earnest even showed us his best air guitar.

 June 7--Dinner Prep--Corn on the cob...yum!  Granted, in the end I had to do most of the shucking, but it was fun to have helpers.

 June 8--Goin' Explorin'--Imp and I went to a library we had never visited today.  It basically looked like an old, one-room school house, but no matter.  There was a little playground, with a big sandbox, a play house, Hoppity Hops and tons of toys.  After the story time and craft, we wiled away about 30 minutes at the playground.

June 9--We Heart Daddy--This is the photo that will be made into a canvas for Chretien's Father's Day present from the kids.  I found the idea on Pinterest (of course) and with the help of the Silhouette cutter, the weather (thankfully, a sunny morning, which is what was needed for this orientation) and, of course, the kids cooperation, we were able to pull it off nicely this morning.  I got the idea from here.  (Scroll down to the end.)


  1. I love the shadow shot! Thanks for sharing the link with me. You did a great job!

  2. @Aja--Aw, thank you. I loved, loved, loved the idea and am so grateful that you shared it on your blog.

  3. What a great Fathers Day photo. Inspiring. Thanks for linking.


  4. That father's day gift is amazing! Love the picture of them blowing out the candles, adorable!

  5. How stinkin' cute!! I may be borrowing this idea as well!!

  6. Such great photos. I love the first two and that last one. What a great idea. I need to still do something for Kenny.