Sunday, June 3, 2012

Frame a Day '12: Week 22: 5/27-6/2

May 27--Walking Tall--Trust tried stilts in gym class a few weeks ago and wanted to make her own. She had a design, but Chretien found a better one online and made her a set of her own today. It will definitely take a lot of practice, but she was excited to try them out.

 May 28--Memorial Day Fun--While Earnest and Cretien enjoyed a matinee, I took Trust and Imp to the playground on a beautiful, sunny Memorial Day.

 May 29--Budgie Breakfast...or lunch.  Imp and I went to Franklin Park Zoo today.  While he jumped from exhibit to exhibit for most animals, he loved feeding these budgies.  He is not a stranger to this, as he loved it just as much last summer on our vacation. 

May 30--She Doesn't Look a Day Over 145!!...The third graders have been working on biography projects.  The students had to submit a list of three possible subjects for their reports and were assigned one of the three.  Trust was assigned Laura Ingalls Wilder; her other suggestions were Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Juliette Gordon kid has eclectic interests, no?  For the project, the students had to read a book, write a report, edit it to a more manageable speech, create a Powerpoint slide and the icing on the cake was to dress as their subject and talk to us in the first person.  We learned a lot about such notables as Bill Gates, Squanto, Dr. Seuss, Princess Diana and many more.

 May 31--Spouting Off (About Science)--The scientist was back at the library this afternoon to spout off about science once again.  The topic was "fluids" and here we have Earnest examining the fountain as it springs forth.

 June 1--The One that Didn't Get Away--Imp will ask to go fishing more than you'd anticipate, based on the handful of times he's gone in his life.  Chretien obliged him this morning and he even caught a few.  It's camouflaged in this photo, but if you look closely at his left foot, you might spy one of his captures.

 June 2--The Next Best Thing--The rain might keep you inside on an early summer day, but that doesn't mean you can't still read in the hammock.


  1. Great week. Love the budgie photo, and your daughter has a great teacher to take a book and have them go so into depth on it!

  2. All such clear and beautiful pictures. My middle son would love to try walking on stilts. Love that last shot of your daughter reading and the science one. What a great week.