Sunday, August 26, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 34: 8/19-25

August 19--Just Chillin'--We did a lot of relaxing this weekend.  It may look like my kids are in a closet watching TV, but it's really the crawl space in the boys' room that we've converted to their own playspace.  They love retreating there to watch a show of their own choosing, or to have a "sleepover".  It's actually quite cozy.

 August 20--Witch Day Is It?--So what if it's August?  It's never too early to get a jump on Halloween witches, no?

 August 21--BFF--Trust's friend slept over and they tried out their artistry with some chalk self-portraits on the driveway.

 August 22--Limbo Like Me--We went to the library for a dance party.  The kids had fun dancing to all different dances, including the limbo finale.  Imp's expression here just makes me smile.

August 23--Lazy Daze of Summer--Trust enjoys a relaxing read on the hammock.

 August 24--En Garde!--We met up with my sister and the kids at a fair.  The highlight for everyone was the balloon creations.  Ninja Imp  challenged his fellow ninja cousin to a dual.  The outcome was fun for all.

August 25--Apple of My Eye--We went to an evening viewing of the Lorax at a local park.  Prior to the show, there was face painting for the kids.  Trust always manages to come up with something different to challenge the painters.  In honor of the impending start of school, we have an apple.


  1. What a creative use of the crawl space!! Love the apple face paint!

  2. the last shot is awesome, and the hammock!

  3. Love that hammock shot--perfect way to end the summer. We have a nice crawl place the kids use to play in too--so fun!

  4. Oh- reading on the hammock- my kind of gal!!!!