Monday, August 20, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 33--8/12-18

August 12--Wedding Channel Next Generation--I met a friend 10 years ago online, when we were both planning our October 13th weddings. In the ensuing years, we have probably managed to see one another a half dozen times, despite living very many miles apart. In August, she often travels nearby for a work conference. When she has done this in past years, we have tried to get together on her way back home if our schedules can mesh up. This year, she brought her 7 year old daughter for the first time. After a brunch at our house, the girls had fun presenting a fashion show, doing a craft, and playing the Wii.

 August 13--Skating Friends--This summer, Trust and her friend were the only two skaters in the gamma/delta class at the ice rink.  We joked that it was almost like having a private lesson.  The girls enjoyed seeing one another every week and skating together.  I really wanted a picture of the two girls skating during the lesson.  I should not have waited until the last night, as they were down a teacher (the teacher in the photo is not their regular teacher) and tonight was the test.  I was stuck shooting behind the scratched glass (hence the dark line going through Trust's friend and the reflections across all of their midsections).  Ah, well.

 August 14--Taking the Plunge--Imp and I went to my cousin's house today to swim in the pool.  Imp was itching to try out the diving board, and right before we left, he had his chance.  For better or worse, my kid has no fear.

August 15--Drive My Car--The kids have recently rediscovered the Wii. Although Mario Kart was difficult for Imp a few months ago, he has quickly gotten the hang of it.

 August 16--The Future Imp--These photos appear to me maybe once every few years, where my kid's expression just seems older than their current years.  In something as simple as painting, I can catch a glimpse of a Imp-to-be, one that is well past four years old.

August 17--Lend Me Your Ears--Another free Friday night at the museum. Trust had fun being heard in the recording studio.

 August 18--Swing Your Partners--With the rainy weather for most of the day, the kids had a few dance parties.  Before bed, they had a few more rounds.  This was the big finale to "Drive By", one of Earnest's favorite songs.

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  1. Wow! Looks like a really fun and eventful week.