Sunday, August 5, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 31--7/29-8/4

July 29--Five Hour Roller Coaster--Earnest drew us his rendition of a "five hour roller coaster" today. It was quite twisty and turny and the thought of it really being a coaster put butterflies in my stomach.

 July 30--This is not the actual photo for the day, but this is one taken of Trust on a Mom and Daughter day out to a place that really interested Trust.  Conveniently, it was also a place I had always wanted to visit but never had.  This photo was taken around noon, so not the best light.

July 31--Bubble Blast--I took the kids to see this bubble master, who created marvelous bubbles to entertain and amaze us for an hour.

*August 1--A Day out with a Cousin--My sister and I took the kids (sans my nephew) for a quick little hike and then out for lunch.  It was fun for the kids to see their cousin, as it has been awhile.  The summer is flying by!

 August 2--Summertime Stories--The library had a pajama story time tonight.  The theme was 'summer fun'.  Clad in PJs, my kids went and danced with maracas, shook their sillies out, listened to many stories about the beach, and did a craft.  There was a small group, so Trust and Earnest were both feeling brave. Trust  volunteered to read one of the stories, and even Earnest read a few lines of one of the books to the group.

August 3--A Day Out with a Friend--The kids and I had lunch with a friend of mine from work.  She does not have kids of her own, so she is always so nice to mine.  After lunch, we made an unplanned stop at a sprayground, where the kids played in the water and had tons of fun, despite not having bathing suits.

 August 4--Two Wheelin'--Look who learned how to ride sans training wheels yesterday!  Chretien took Earnest over to the track at the middle school and in no time at all, he was good to go.  Earnest was so excited about this accomplishment that he could not wait to try it again today, even in the 90 degree heat.


  1. Oh, these are so nice! Love all the art work on the drive!

  2. Love the perspective on the chalk drawing! And that bubble, wow!

  3. Congrats on the new bike rider. Great shot of him. Love those huge bubbles too. The kids got to try that at the state fair this year--so fun.