Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo a Day Mommy Moments: Day 12: Thankful

Inspired by Family Magazine
Day 12's prompt is "Blessed/Thankful". My photo is a bit of a different take on this. My daughter has been taking figure skating lessons for 2.5 years. She only goes once a week, and it has sometimes taken her several tries to pass into the next level as the levels have increased in difficulty. The week before the test for the current session, the instructor told us that she probably would not pass again this time around. She was quite discouraged, but we figured, it'd would probably be best for her to stay put and work on the one skill that was holding her back.   We talked about it and it seemed as though, if she hadn't made her peace with it, she was prepared...or something...

 I'm not sure exactly what happened this Saturday when she went for the test, but somehow, she pulled it together and came home all smiles. She passed! I think we are all thankful for that small surprise.

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