Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 21: 5/20-26

May 20--I Did It My Way--Today was the school fair.  The kids had a great time playing the games.  Unlike his brother, who hooked the duck in record time, this fishing pond gave Imp a run for his money.  Eventually, after a few minutes of trying the old-fashioned way to hook the duck, he tried a new, more successful approach.

 May 21--Brownie Soup--Don't let the name fool you...this was not a dessert, but rather, a soup made by a Brownie as part of earning a patch.  It contained the broth being added here, rice, vegetables of your own choosing (we had green beans, broccoli and carrots), and red kidney beans.  I made honey rolls to go with this, and there were no complaints for dinner tonight!

 May 22--A Decade of Digital Photography--Chretien and I met online twelve years ago today.  For our second dating anniversary ten years ago, he gave me this camera, which was my first digital camera.  It came in very handy for all the wedding paraphenalia I just had to photograph and share on Wedding Channel.  It was a nice little camera, and served me well for 5.5 years until I received my Pentax DSLR for Christmas 2007.  Once in awhile I use it, but now with our cell phone cameras, I rely on it less and less.

May 23--A Stitch in Time--Chretien decided to sew the patches on Trust's Brownie vest and pulled out the big guns since there were quite a few that didn't iron on.  This was his first time with a sewing machine, ever, and he did pretty well...until the needle broke on one of the patches.  And yes, he was using a pretty heavy duty needle.  I had my doubts, and I hate that they were realized.

 May 24--Tonight was when we get to visit the kids' school as a sort of open house.  It's always fun for the family to go and have the kids proudly show us what they've been up to.  This was Earnest's first one as a student, and he was so excited to show us the many projects hanging around the room.  Here we see him adding his name to the overlapping circles on the Venn Diagram attendance chart.

May 25--Celebearation of 100 Million Friends--Build a Bear is celebrating the creation of 100 million friends this weekend.  The owners of said friends are invited back to Build-A-Bear to obtain a "celebearatory" T-shirt.  This picture pretty much sums up the kids' personalities. Trust happily does as she is asked, Earnest obliges but might rather be doing something else, and Imp does whatever he wants and thinks it's funny(note the upside down penguin).

**May 27--Take Me Out to the Ballgame--We went to a baseball game tonight.  This was towards the end of the night, when we were on our way out but stopped to watch a very late rally.  This is not the photo I am actually using for the day, but I will go with this one, which I still like, to preserve anonymity.


  1. Great shot of your daughter making the soup and a your man at the sewing machine--good for him!

  2. Love your photos. I love that last one. So sweet.