Saturday, May 19, 2012

Frame a Day '12: Week 20: 5/13-19

May 13--Me and My Kids--I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Chretien and the kids brought me some presents and cards in bed this morning, and after muffins for breakfast, we went to an amusement park to spend the day. Chretien snapped this photo on our way out of the park to dinner. I have to say I don't think I've ever had such a nice photo of the kids and me before.

 May 14--Edges--Tonight's skating lesson had the kids working on their edges for quite awhile.  Now that Trust is in the delta level, I think a lot of the skills are going to focus on the finer postures and positioning.  I've heard the teacher, telling them to fix their arms and loosen up.  Makes sense, since the next stop after delta is Freestyle, where these easier things have to be down cold.

 May 15--A Day (of Regular Life)--May 15 was the day selected for the "A Day" photography project to be executed.  This is a worldwide project where photographers were asked to take images in the categories of "Home", "Work" and "Connections" and asked to share them.  I took this photo after I dropped the kids off at school, where you can see the twice daily onslaught of parents and other innocent drivers who get caught up in the traffic.

May 16--Earning His Keep--It's never too soon to start having your kids mow the lawn, right?  Both boys took a turn with Chretien right behind them.  They loved it.  I will have to pull out the photos I took today when they are older and mowing the lawn is a regular duty of theirs.

May 17--Holding Down the Fort--Earnest built this very elaborate castle with moats and a bridge this afternoon.  It was surprising, as I had never seen him take on something with this scope.

May 18--?????--I'm amused because on May 16, we have Imp with the real lawnmower, and then on May 18, we had the two boys with the play ones.  DISCLAIMER:   I am hoping that one of the few students who took a photo at graduation with the biotech majors and the faculty sends me one of their photos, because that is what I want for Day 139.  They told me they would, but who knows when it will happen.  If they don't, then I'll go with the photo I have above.

  May 19--Swing Batter, Batter, Swing--...He's waiting for you, Batter.


  1. The picture of you and your kiddos is so great!! She looks so great on the ice! I am having flashbacks to my days of skating and the edging practices I had to do!

  2. Great Mother's Day picture. Looks like fun!

  3. Love these. Great photos this week.