Monday, January 2, 2012

Project 366 Rewind Introduction

It's a new year! As I did last year, I'm linking up with Sarah here:

every week. It was fun last year to do a Project 365 and visit with the other participants, and I'm looking forward to my second year as well.

This year's theme is "Project 366 Rewind"; we will have prompts to try to incorporate into our photos each week.

Naptime Momtog

Here is my carryover photo from December 31, 2011, which didn't really fit in week 52 of last year's project and isn't really part of week 1 for this year, either.

It's actually a good photo to serve as my introductory photo for this year's project, as all the key players are present and accounted for during our New Year's Eve "fundue" meal.  There is my husband, Chretien.  We've been married for 9 years and have three kids--Trust is 8, Earnest is 5.5 and Imp is 3.5 going on about 13.  My family was my focus for my project last year, and I figure, they will probably comprise many of the photos this year as well, although I will try to incorporate the themes that Sarah suggests.

I'm looking forward to another great year and meeting some new bloggers.  Welcome!


  1. Awww. So fun. I love it. :) I am so glad you are linking up with us.

  2. @Sarah--Thank you for hosting these projects. I'm looking forward to another great year.

  3. You have a lovely family. I am just visiting bloggers who signed up for the Project 366 Rewind. I wasn't sure if I was too late to join, but I think I will.
    Looking forward to getting to know you better. I am following your blog.