Saturday, January 7, 2012

Frame-A-Day '12 Week 1: 1/1-1/7

First post of the new year's project.  A clean slate!

January 1--The Sky's the Limit--I took the kids out to ride bikes/roller blade at a local school this afternoon, and there was another family there who was shooting off a rocket.  Of course, my kids had to get involved with chasing after it, too.

January 2--I've Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates--Yesterday Trust tried out her new roller blades at the middle school with little success; today we hit her elementary school and the poured concrete sidewalk was a much better surface to roll along on.

January 3--Kickin' Back--Imp was just chilling with some favorite things--a show ("Despicable Me"--also known as  "The Yellow People" in Imp-speak) and an orange lollipop that tasted just like orange juice, according to Imp.

 January 4--Wild Strawberry--Trust just happened to be decked out in "wild strawberry", the color for Project 64 this week, so I had to capture this image of her for my submission.

January 5--The Mitten*--Imp and I went to the library today where we heard Jan Brett's "The Mitten" and then had a chance to stitch up a pair of our own.

January 6--Mixing It Up--Imp had a gig tonight where he mixed up some tunes...or, perhaps, he was just trying out the boards at our children's museum.

January 7--You Can Build It...He Can Help--First Home Depot kids' workshop of 2012!  The kids built "savings sheds" (aka banks) with a bit of help from Chretien and I.


  1. Looks like a fun week!! We used to hit up the Home Depot workshops quite often... lots of fun! Your kids museum looks like fun... Imp looks like a pro mixer!

  2. Such great shots. Love that last one. I keep forgetting to take Dustyn. I am glad you are joining us again. Thanks for linking up.

  3. Love that pink coat- what fun! Thanks for joining us today!

  4. What a great week! She looks so great up on her skates! And I love The Mitten, such a nice book!

    Tamar - also linking with Project 366

  5. These are great, looks like you had a very busy week.