Sunday, January 29, 2012

Frame-A-Day '12 Week 4: 1/22-1/28

How is it that we're already finished with the first four weeks of 2012?  That in a few days, January 2012 will be history?

January 22--He's Got the Moves--Earnest had two birthday parties to attend today. The second one was at a roller skating place. Did I mention that Earnest does not know how to skate? He gave it a try, but I don't think it's the sport for him.

 January 23--Ride 'Em, Cowboy--A friendly little canter around the family room before school is how we started off the week in our house.

January 24--Tickle Me--Somehow, the boys ended up in our room tonight, and were begging to be tickled.  Who could refuse such a request?

 January 25--Just Dive Right In--Well, maybe not dive, but Earnest definitely enjoys jumping during swim class at the Y.  He's been taking swim lessons off and on for about a year.

 January 26--Slimed!--We went to the library for the second installment of "Jammin' Science".  (Read about the first visit here.)  Today the scientist performed all types of cool chemistry demonstrations, including colorful displays of acids and bases, invisible ink writing, an active volcano, and slime, which the kids enjoyed mixing and squeezing after the show.  The entire audience was very animated and I wished that my students could show half as much enthusiasm.

January 27--A Hot Date--Chretien took Trust and Earnest skiing, so Imp and I had a hot date.  We went to a local pizza place, where he charmed the waitstaff and everyone at the hostess stand, and then we moved on to window shop at Toys R Us.

January 28--ROAR!!--Lowe's Build and Grow Workshop had the kids creating their own "Buildasaurus" dinosaurs. We tried to tell the kids that the dinos needed to sleep after a few loud, vociferous ROARS, but neither the kids nor the dinos would have any part of it.


  1. I'm totally laughing at them riding each other- my kids do that - it's so funny

  2. Such cute shots this week. I love that last one. He he. Thanks for linking up.