Friday, December 23, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 51: 12/17-12/23

Only one more week (and a day, which I will probably tack on to Week I guess Week 52 has a bonus day).  Can I say how much I am looking forward to 2012's Frame-A-Day weeks actually beginning on Sunday, the "right" first day of the week?

I know I said it last week, too, but I have really enjoyed shooting the photos this month.  I figured that would be the case.  We're hitting the height of the Christmas holiday photo ops in these next few days.

 December 17--Come Sail Away--...even if it is within the confines of the local YMCA. Today was the boys' last swim class, and for a treat, Earnest's class got to ride in the "boat".

December 18--Another Visit with Santa--Tonight was our neighbors' annual Christmas party, complete with the requisite visit with Santa.  Santa always brings the kids a little goodie at the party as well, which makes it fun for them.

December 19--Play Me a Tune--Trust has been learning the recorder in music class for the last six weeks, and today, she got to bring it home.  She was so excited to play us "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Hot Cross Buns" and can't wait to play for everyone on Christmas Eve.

December 20--The Magic of Santa--Each child received a special personalized video from Santa via my email.  It proves that Santa really does know if you've been bad or good, as well as how your vacation, birthday party, or other special days during the year went.  I would highly recommend this for anyone who has believers--it's at

December 21--Santa-on-a-Stick--Some cheerful flowers came complete with a Santa-on-a-Stick.  It's getting close...I will add that I am so grateful that my 14+ hour Wednesdays are over.  I was concerned about finding subjects to shoot on days when I might not even see my kids, but for the most part, it seemed to work out for the 14 Wednesdays that were involved.

December 22-Rolo-ing Right Along--Look who helped me make some homemade turtle candy.  He actually did quite a good job unwrapping the Rolos.

December 23--Make Your Own Pizza--First day of vacation for Trust and Earnest and I took them out for lunch to break up the day and use an about to expire free pizza coupon Trust received last year at school for reading.  It was a nice way to kick off the Christmas holiday, and I was happy we could do it without my feeling too stressed to take a break from Christmas prep.


  1. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love picture of making candy, he looks really engrossed in unwrapping. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. Great week of photos! My son is learning the recorder too...Love that one of your daughter with Santa.

  3. I love the raft in the pool & you have reminded me that I need to pick up some Rolos :)

  4. Love these photos. Cute Santa. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for linking up each week.