Sunday, December 4, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 48: 11/26-12/2

November 26--Punkin' Chunkin'--The kids are enamored with the Discovery Channel show "Punkin Chunkin" which airs around Thanksgiving each year. Basically, pumpkins are hurled through a Delaware field with different types of mechanical devices that the participants rig and hone. We let the kids have a shot at chunkin' their own pumpkins on today before composting.

November 27--Illustory Books Creation--Both Trust and Earnest made Illustory books today. Earnest wrote the more traditional biography as Trust has done in past years, while Trust officially put one of her many fictitious "Kate" stories into print for the first time. She was so thrilled to write fiction this time around.

November 28--Poor Sick Boy--November has been a rough month in our house. All three kids have been sick at some point, with two of them missing some school. Earnest missed school the first day of November and seems to be bookending the close of the month with another illness. Boo!

November 29--Biker Boy--The kids wanted to take advantage of the almost 60 degree day and ride their bikes after school.  For the time being, Imp is stuck using Trust's faded, hand-me-down pink duck helmet.  He doesn't seem to mind, as long as he gets to ride, too.

 November 30--Eight is Great!--Much to Chretien's and my disbelief, Trust will turn eight years old tomorrow.  Peppermint, our Elf on the Shelf (or in this case, the curtain rod) will greet her tomorrow morning with a smile and a birthday candle.

December 1--Happy Birthday, Trust!!--Trust turned 8 years old today!  For the fourth year, we went to her favorite restaurant for her birthday dinner, although for the past two years we've had to drive a bit of a distance since the location in our town closed last year.  Before dinner, we visited with Santa--not a bad way to celebrate a birthday which fell on a school day.

December 2--N-Cubed Plus T--Trust had a "sleep over" birthday party with her three N friends.  The girls had pizza, went to the museum, came back for ice cream cake and typical girly things like nail painting and the like.  The next morning they scarfed down cinnamon rolls and went to the Home Depot workshop to make snowman napkin holders.  Note that both Chretien and I were corrected when we called this a "slumber party".  Despite an explanation from the birthday girl, we are still unsure what the difference is, since both are a misnomer for this particular party--very little sleeping was actually done.

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Great shots this week. Thanks for linking up each week.