Friday, December 16, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 50: 12/10-12/16

Week 50! We're almost there!! Who's signing on for a(nother) Project 365?

The month of December has been so much fun to shoot. I figured it would be. Despite craziness at work with the semester winding down and finals looming, I've managed to capture a lot of holiday cheer.

December 10--Peg's "Birthday" Party--Today was my friend Peg's annual holiday party, although Imp insisted it was a birthday party.  Peg and her husband Rick have hosted such a party every year for at least the past 15 or so.  It's always a bit chaotic and loud and full of fun and holiday cheer  This year I bought some ornament kits; I figured the girls and the younger boys would enjoy them and they did...for about 20 minutes, which is about what I assumed.

December 11--Christmas Tree Cutting--We went to a local farm to select our Christmas tree; in part, because the usual one (and many others) were already sold out.  Here we see the boys setting off for the fields to go find the perfect tree for our family.  We did, although we have yet to decorate it.

December 12--Third Week of Advent--We're already up to the pink candle!

December 13--Trimming Chubby--We name our tree every year and this year the name was an obvious one--the tree is super full and so "Chubby" seemed appropriate. We managed to get Chubby looking his best and he is all decked out for Christmas.
December 14--A Present from Gita--My friend Gita sent some fancy cookies home as an early Christmas gift for the kids.  They were pretty excited about the surprise package.

December 15--A Puzzling Time at the Library--I took the kids to the library tonight; the kids always enjoy the toys and puzzles at this library.

December 16--A Visit to the Botanic Garden--Chretien and I had a date today.  We went to the local botanic garden.  There were about 25 or so different trees, many decked out with ornaments crafted completely of items found in nature.  This is one of my favorite photos.


  1. Beautiful photos captured of your holidays so far! I'm finding I enjoy the holidays even more now that I'm always looking for something to take photos of. It makes me appreciate everything even more!

  2. Hi!
    Great snapshots. Busy week and love your Christmas tree, it's beautiful. I would love to do this again next year. It was lots of fun taking pictures. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. I really love that second one- we don't have places like that here- so it's really a nice thing to see.

  4. These are ao gorgeous. Love them. Especially that last one. I think I am signing up for next year too.

  5. Love the candles. They are so beautiful!