Monday, May 1, 2017

Pre-trip Planning: Day 14--Girdwood/Anchorage --> Home

This is our last day in Alaska (Sob!)  As I've mentioned, we don't leave until after dinner, so we still have some hours to do something fun!

I listed quite a few items for Day 13.  My guess is that we might still have something left on the list...or maybe we might want to head back to Anchorage to do something that looked interesting back on Day 1.  My feeling is that by mid-afternoon, we need to start finishing up and thinking about heading to the airport, returning the minivan, etc.

Writing this all out has helped me firm up some of the days.  My guess is I'll probably continue to tweak this until the actual trip.  I am also going to have some posts about what we are bringing with us, and that'll be good to have to then compare to what we actually used.

We arrive home on the morning of Day 15, exactly two weeks after we left. 

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