Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 45--11/4-11/10

November 4--The Next Generation--Troop XXXX came over to work on the Digital Photography badge today.  They seemed to enjoy taking photos of one another as well as leaves, our pumpkins, the cats, the car, knick knacks around the house, etc., etc., etc.

November 5--Hit the Road, Jack--......or Tom (Turkey).  Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, and the resident turkeys at my parents' condo complex don't seem to have any concern about the calendar.

 November 6--The Next Four Years...and On...Since the summer, Trust and I have been writing letters back and forth to one another a few times a month; we keep all of them in this journal, which, I figure, might be a nice keepsake down the road.  Last night, I intentionally wrote this letter before I went to bed for my all-things-about-all-presidents girl.

November 7--Let It Snow??--First snow of the season hit us this afternoon.  While it didn't amount to much, it did coat everything with that lovely, pure whiteness as only snow can.  While this is early, it's 11 days later than last year's first snow on October 27.

 November 8--Magnatile Man--The Magnatiles are three years old, and the kids still use them all the time.  This was some sort of horizontal castle or vehicle.  No matter.  They really are a lot of fun to play with.

 November 9--Impish Grin--Obviously, this is not Imp's regular bicycle, but you can't fault a kid for trying.  This photo really captures Imp's impish grin, the one he flashes when he knows he's trying to put one over on us.

 November 10--Sticks and Stones--While we were waiting for Trust to finish her skating lesson, Earnest, Imp and I took a walk to the nearby pond.  Why is it that boys are always fascinated with sticks and stones?  I suppose it's been this way for eons, and it's likely hardwired into that Y chromosome.  Imp toted that somewhat large rock around with us for the entire walk, and at the very end, he threw it into the pond and chirped "See you next time."  Of course.

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