Sunday, November 4, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 44--10/28-11/3

October 28--Poison Apple--Trust's ballet school had a Halloween party today, complete with their version of a haunted house in their newly acquired second floor space.  Imp was told that it was a good thing he had 'spikes' because that would help him as we journeyed through the haunted house.  I guess they worked, as he did not take the bait offered by the Wicked Queen, also known as the director who in real life is nothing like her Halloween persona.

 October 29--Hunkering Down--The impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy brought everything--school, work, activities--to a screeching halt.  The logical choice?  Have Chretien build a fort under the dining room table and prepare for the worst.

 October 30--Our Salvation--Hurricane Sandy, via a tree downed on wires around the corner from our house, knocked our power out yesterday.  When we learned that the earliest it might be restored is Thursday, we borrowed my sister and brother-in-law's new generator.  We put it to use before they did!

October 31--Trick or Treat--Complete darkness set the scene for Halloween when Lady Liberty, Optimus Prime and a Power Ranger first started out for trick or treating, as our power had yet to be restored.  Thankfully, right at the first house, we noticed that the lights within the homes were suddenly popping on.  There was an almost audible cheer from the neighbors as we realized our wait was over.

November 1--A Pile of Pumpkins--These orange lovelies represent a few different parties we've attended over the past few weeks.  I'm partial to the duck.

 November 2--The Midnight Georgia?--Another free Friday night at the museum saw us getting ready to board a train.  When I asked Earnest where we were going, he replied "Georgia".  Somehow, he thought we'd wind up seeing the Grand Canyon once we arrived.  Next stop--A geography lesson?

 November 3--Pumpkin Face?--We had one last Halloween party to attend this afternoon, at our church.  Earnest asked for a pumpkin face, but without orange, it was a challenge.  However, his face sort of matches his costume, so all was good.

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