Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 8: 2/19-2/25

50 february 19
February 19--A Colorful Look at History--We went to a local museum today to attend a model train show.  We also toured a bit of the museum, as much as you can when you have kids on the move.  This stained glass window did catch our eye for more than a moment, though, and we stayed to admire it and find the items on the scavenger hunt card.

February 20--Swoosh--I brought all three kids to ski after Chretien was through with teaching.  This was Imp's first time on skis, and he was so excited to give it a try like the big kids. 

February 21--Rice Krispie Treats--Updated!!--These are an old favorite with a twist--a bit of powdered cake mix and sprinkles for good measure.  They still taste fabulous.

*February 22--Wind Power--Chretien and the older kids went to ski today. About 1/3 of this peak's electricity is derived from this wind turbine. It's not everyday you get to ski in such a green environment.

February 23--Peek-A-Boo Boy--Lately, Imp has been very insistent that he participate in everything that Trust and Earnest do. So when Trust climbed up in this tree for a few photos, Imp insisted that I take a few of him as well. My regular laptop is not usable right now and I haven't bothered to install Photoshop Elements on the laptop I am using, so I will need to lighten this at some point.

February 24--Class of 202X??--As the finale to vacation week, Trust and  Earnest accompanied me to school today. It was Earnest's first visit during regular work hours. They attended microbiology, watched a movie or two on my laptop and visited with my colleagues. Trust even got a little work in! She viewed printed illustrations under a dissecting microscope to see the individual dots which make up the picture as part of her research for her authors project.


February 25--Gentleman, Start Your Engine--Lowe's Build and Grow workshop today was very timely, with the Daytona 500 and the start of the NASCAR season tomorrow. This was probably the easiest project that Lowe's has done since we started going to the workshops regularly back in October. It was probably also one of the most 'useful' as I think the kids will enjoy the cars for a long while.


  1. Such great shots. I love them all seriously! They are all wonderful.

  2. Wonderful shots... oh how I missed the snow this year... good to see some out enjoying theirs!! Have another great week! =)