Saturday, February 4, 2012

Frame-A-Day '12 Week 5: 1/29-2/4

January 29--A Really Crafty Girl--Chretien teaches skiing all day on Sunday. With a long day ahead of me and the kids, I decided to make it a "craft day", which, of course, delighted our resident artist. We worked on Model Magic projects, sewing, Perler bead initial pins, and Valentines and other paper goods, including multi-colored heart shaped crayons which will be part of Trust's Valentines to her classmates.

January 30--Cheers of Joy--I'm not sure what she was happier about--the fact that she came in first in the Wii race of the fact that she bested her brother.

**January 31--5:20 PM--The main reason I captured this photo is to record that it's the end of January and we're already headed toward spring.  It's after 5 PM and it's not completely dark out!  In an added bonus, my commute is now busy on a road which never was busy in past semesters.  I always joke that it's like a real life video game with all the neat little surprises.

February 1--Kick, Kick, Kick--Here we have Imp showing us his best kicking action at his swim lesson tonight. The level he is in is probably a stretch for him. He has trouble kicking, which we think is due to the weakness in his left leg. Still, he tries (somewhat) and it's great practice for him.

February 2--Present Meets Future--Chretien took the kids to a program at the library this afternoon; a children's author read one of his books to the kids while ballerinas from Trust's old dance school pirouetted around the room. This was especially thrilling for Trust as she is doing a long term research project on how to become a children's author, her future dream, and part of her assignment is interviewing an author. She received the author's email address to correspond with him.

**February 3--Lady (Bug)--Lady the Ladybug, Room 2's Weekend Pal, came home with Earnest for the weekend.  We're supposed to show her a good time and record the activities in which she participates.  We took her along to the children's museum.  The evening will be memorable not so much for her attendance but more for the fact that Imp went missing for a very long 15 minutes.  Thankfully, he turned up safe and sound after some helpful employees joined the search to find him.

February 4--Little Boxes--Another Home Depot Kids' Workshop saw us making Valentine boxes. The assembly was probably among the easiest of all the projects we've encountered (No real nailing necessary! Just glue and go!) and the best part was the stickers provided to personalize and decorate the boxes.

And with the photo from today, that makes 400 straight days of photos for me, if you count last year's Frame A Day project.  I wonder how long this will continue!


  1. Wonderful shots! love that first one and the sunset. Beautiful.