Saturday, June 18, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 24: 6/11-6/17

This week was Earnest's birthday, and the photos are heavy on him.

*June 11--Birthday Party--(This is not the actual photo for this day, and I am not even posting a photo of the full cake, since his name is on the part that is missing in this photo). Today was Earnest's Spiderman-themed birthday party. For much of it, he wore his Spiderman costume. There were seventeen kids in all who attended, including Trust and Imp, friends from preK, and a few friends of the family. The party seemed to be a resounding success.

June 12--Interactive Aquarium--Earnest received this interactive aquarium of sorts from one of his friends at his birthday party.  All three kids were fascinated by it, but Imp seemed to really enjoy watching the little shark swim around and around and talking to him by stating, "My name is Imp".

June 13--Take Me Out to the Ballgame--Tonight we took the kids and Nana and Grampy to a minor league baseball game.  It's been 11 years since Chretien and I tried to go back over the July Fourth weekend in 2000, so this was a new experience for everyone.  

 June 14--Pre-birthday--Today Earnest, Imp and I went to see Nana and Auntie L to celebrate Earnest's birthday a day early and Auntie L's a few days late.  It was full of mostly Spiderman gifts, a nice lunch, and then some birthday cupcakes.

June 15--Happy Birthday, Earnest--Today was Earnest's fifth birthday!  We gave him a birthday of a five year old boy's dreams.  We went bowling in the morning (his choice) and then out for lunch, ice cream and balloons.  At night, we headed over to Chuck E Cheese for fun and pizza.

June 16--Farmer Boy--Imp, Earnest and I went to a farm today.  Despite the overalls saying "Thomas (the Train"), Imp looks like he fits the part of a true blue farmer here, don't you think?

June 17--N-35--...or O-67 or B-8 or all of the above and then some!  Earnest received this Bingo set for his birthday and Imp has enjoyed rolling the balls out of the mixer and down the chute.

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  1. Happy Birthday Earnest! Looks like a great week. Love that cake! Thanks for linking up. Have a good rest of your weekend.