Friday, June 10, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 23: 6/4-6/10

June 4--Come Fly With Me--Trust loves this ride, although she often rides it 'alone'. She frequently befriends some of the other riders. Today's new friend is a woman who works at the nearby ice cream stand and offered free ice cream the next time we come and she's working...Trust likely will not forget this offer.

June 5--Don't Burst My Bubble--We went to a children's museum today.  It had been over 2.5 years since we last visited this one, and this was Imp's inaugural visit.  Many of the favorite exhibits were unchanged, including the giant bubble maker at which Trust tried her luck.

June 6--Three Little Fishies--Chretien went to his cousin's wedding this past weekend. He brought these cookie favors home for the kids to enjoy.

June 7--First Lost Tooth--Earnest fell Sunday afternoon, hit his tooth on a brick, and cracked it across the front horizontally. Today we went to a pediatric dentist to have it pulled. This dentist was sweet and told Earnest he could eat a lot of ice cream to make it feel better, so that is what we did tonight. I think her advice worked!
June 8--Upside-Down--Earnest has been practicing standing on his head. Not sure if the view is better upside-down or what the deal is, but he's enjoying it.

June 9--Long Lost Relatives?--They boys and I went to the zoo today. We saw the usual suspects--giraffes, zebras, a lion and a tiger, the small mammals, some birds, a few fish and reptiles. My monkeys also visited this gorilla and baby statue; it's quite impressive.

 *June 10--Poets' Tea--Second graders at Trust's school have been studying poetry; the culmination of this was "Poets' Tea" today, where the kids each shared an original poem, followed by some songs and thank yous to the volunteers and the long-term substitute who has helped her class twice this year.  This photo was taken when she first entered the classroom.  The original photo I selected for my "Frame-A-Day" book has her name in it but it does show her reading her poem, which was entitled "Rainbow of Colors".


  1. Awesome photos. I love that first and second one. Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi!
    Great snapshots. Love the giant monkey and the one of the boy standing on his head. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Poor Earnest. I hope he feels better. I like Trust with the bubble. Olivia would be so excited to have such a big bubble. Have a great weekend.