Monday, June 8, 2020

Project 64: Week 3--Goldenrod

Color #3 is goldenrod. The time frame is June 3rd- June 8th.  And boy, we were unhappy to have an almost identical to dandelion color come up randomly for our third week.  But we figured it out.

I have three, count ‘em three, entries.
This is my first entry. There is some goldenrod in the lighter front part, right in the middle. I will mention that "great minds think alike", as I wasn't the only one who thought this photo was a good representation of goldenrod. Stay tuned...

I also thought the lid might work, but it might be too orange.

I think I am going to go with this photo, which I captured while making pasta. I think the goldenrod is above the brightest egg yolk, in the egg white.

I've added an arrow to show where I mean:

Let's see what Trust and Imp found:

Trust only has one entry, and while it doesn't look like a perfect match in the photo, when she tested the colors together, they were very close. The goldenrod is in the top of the lei.

This is Imp's entry. It was a gift he got from my mother-in-law as part of a set she made. He was in the Lion King when he was in the fifth grade. Who knows if we'll see the other pieces later on., but we did see it twice this week.
For reference, here is my entry for my Project 64 back in 2011.

This is the link.

Edited on 6/13/20 to include Earnest's contribution:
This is the Scout banner hanging on Earnest's wall. The goldenrod is in the yellow fabric.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Project 64 Week 2--Dandelion

The color for the second installment  of Project 64 is dandelion.  It spans May 31st-June 5th.

This is my entry for dandelion.  The top right corner has an area where the stripes don’t meet.  If you follow those stripes to the left or down, you will see dandelion.  Also, the dandelion is mixed within the nuts on the branch in the left corner.

Second photo was taken by Imp, it is the book Red Scarf Girl.
Third photo was Trust's find. The dandelion is most prevalent in the middle section between the lightbulb and the edges of the lantern.

Throwback to 2011---this was my find:

The blog post is here. I actually won the contest this week with this photo.

On to Color #3.

Edited on 6/13/20 to include Earnest's contribution.
Raaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrr. It looked more dandelion without the flashlight.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Project 64: Week 1--Burnt orange

Color #1 is burnt orange.   The time frame is May 28th- June 2nd. Given that our time frame is spring, it makes sense to have an autumnal color. But I think we did fine for our first week.

This is my entry.  This little bird graces our family room.  I think the burnt orange is closest to his neck and wing, right in between the obvious red and yellow.
This dinosaur sits on Trust's desk with three others in a few different vibrant colors. She put the color swatch underneath his foot for the comparison.

This dinosaur sits on Trust's desk with three others in a few different vibrant colors. I put the color swatch underneath his foot for the comparison.

This is a folder that was the color of burnt orange found by Imp,
This photo was from Week 41, when I did this project in 2011.  The link to the blog post is here.

Not bad for our first color.  On to Color #2.

Edited on 6/13/20 to include Earnest's photo:

Burnt orange in the Miami Dolphins flag. Pretty rad. 

Project 64 Reboot

If you go back and look in this sporadic blog, you'll see that 9 years ago, I participated in a weekly project called "Project 64".  The idea was that each week, a different Crayola crayon would be pulled from the box and the goal was to photograph something containing that color in the week's time frame.

Trust is now 16, and she decided it might be fun to do this project.  I decided to do it with her, as did Imp, who is 12.  We are going to try to capture each color in five day's time, so we don't take 64 weeks to do this...if we did, Trust might be off to college before we finish!

Stay tuned...

Edited to add (6/13/20):  This week, Earnest decided he wanted to join us.  I've gone back to the first few colors and added his contributions in. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Alaska Review! Day 14--Bird Creek to Anchorage and Home Again

We leave today.  We'll be home tomorrow, as we're on a red eye, which technically doesn't leave until tomorrow East Coast time.

Still more things to see, before we leave, though.

We had decided that rather than try to eke out another breakfast in a room that doesn't really have dishes, we would pack up and head to Anchorage and get breakfast out.  We enjoy breakfast out and never do it at home, and hadn't really done it this vacation, so why not?

On the way back to Anchorage, we saw some new wildlife:

 As we drove along, look what I spied.  Yes, it was me and not Chretien or Earnest.

 Mountain goats.  We've just about rounded out all the wildlife.  None too soon!

 Just a view of how windy the Seward Highway is.  You can also see train tracks.
 Imp loves pancakes, and we all enjoy iHop, so we looked and lo and behold, there was an iHop in Anchorage.  We enjoyed our breakfast--bill was $74.

Then we weren't really sure what to do.  I think if we had something booked, it would have been easier, but given that we were on Day 14 and a bit worn out, it was harder to decide.  We thought about biking the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, but decided against it.  No wanted wanted any of the museums I suggested.

We wound up driving over to Ship Creek, as I had mentioned the Ulu Factory.  We drove over and parked in a lot ($5 for 2 hours).  Before we went in the shop, we decided to go watch the fishermen, trying their luck in Ship Creek.

Ah, the train, the train!  Finally!

And as we walked along, we spied this:

This place could outfit you for whatever fishing you wanted to try (or so it seemed to me).  We rented two rods for the boys for $20 for the hour, and they went to work.

The above photo is my favorite for the day, simply because Imp is the one who has always loved fishing, and was thrilled that he was able to try. 

 Just like the gold panning, we caught nothing.  But it was a nice way to while away an hour.

I got a kick out of these signs for the restrooms.

You can tell that Imp had a good time.

Imp is a kid who always seems to get into his play--note the muddy hands and jacket from when he "fell" into the mud. So happy we're going directly to the plane today without being able to change into new clothes.

After our fishing expedition, we visited the Ulu Factory.  There are many trinkets and things to look at besides knives, although we looked at those as well.

 A new friend.

After we made a few purchases, we decided to go back to Earthquake Park and the Tony Knowles trail to eat our lunch.  Our first day in Anchorage, it was probably not in its best light.

Today was a much better day.

 We loved the tools you could borrow if you had an issue with your bicycle.

Happy we were able to walk a short bit of the trail.

By then it was around 4 PM and we decided it was time to start heading toward the airport.  Chretien wanted to drive by the float planes again, so this wound up being like our first day but in reverse--sort of like bookends.

 I suggested we stop by the Aviation Museum (and I also had a Tour Saver coupon for it), but by the time we arrived, we would have only had about 30 minutes, so we just looked around outside.

 It's too bad we didn't have just a little more time, as Chretien was in the Air Force and enjoys looking at the old planes as well as the new float planes.

Around 5, we went to put gas in the minivan for the last time.  We pulled into a parking lot where the kids could watch the float planes and we cleaned out the minivan and threw out the remaining food, which wasn't really all that much (bread went to the ducks below, kids had a few more snacks, etc.)

Sadly, we returned the minivan and checked in for our 9:15 PM flight around 6 PM.  We found our gate and took turns getting take out.  We decided to gate check our carryons (roller bags) to go home because we figured if any of them were misplaced, it wouldn't matter because we'd be home, and it would make our layover in Chicago easier if all we had to worry about were our backpacks/personal items. 

This was the second leg of our flight, when it was already Sunday morning.

We landed a little early and my dad came to bring us home. 

I will try to have a summary post--tips and tricks, overall costs, etc.  But for now, that is really the bulk of our trip.  Thanks for reading along.